Just a little cash and a dream. That’s how 7XCHANGE was started.


Born from an idea created during a late study session in LSU’s business complex, a dream is what our owner Travis Mamon brought back to Atlanta in 2016 after graduating. Travis vividly remembers his parents later that summer asking now that he had his degree, what's next? It was then he first shared his dream of opening a clothing/sneaker boutique. The first thing his mom said was “boy, you don’t know anything about running a store!” and let’s just skip over what his dad said! But with research and time, He finally convinced them to help him lease space for a store. 

With a little cash, things started to come together. Later that year he signed the lease for his first brick-and-mortar location and opened on April 1, 2017. Travis opened 7XCHANGE with no business experience, no industry connections, and truthfully no idea how he would land accounts. Late nights of research, praying, and reading success stories of other boutique owners was all he had. 

Our owner wanted to create a venue where fashion, music, art, and the streetwear culture could coexist. Rejection letter after rejection letter said McDonough didn’t have the market for streetwear. Fast forward to 2020, 7XCHANGE carries some of the top brands in the industry. 

Travis took his passion for the streetwear culture and art and turned it into a lifestyle. We specialize in premium high-end apparel, limited-edition footwear, and accessories, being home to some of the most exclusive brands and releases known to the culture. Our mission is to not only align with the rich history already embedded in Atlanta streetwear culture but also explore and create trends. #7XCHANGE #BlackOwned