Styling Appointments

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Looking for assistance with a last-minute outfit, gearing up for a special occasion, or looking to expand your wardrobe collection? At 7XCHANGE, we offer personalized styling appointments to ensure you step into any setting with confidence, knowing you'll be the epitome of style wherever you go.

Types of Appointments

The Perfect Outfit

This personal styling appointment is a service available in-store during regular business hours, providing customers with the opportunity to be styled by a knowledgeable fashion professional.

Private Styling

This exclusive personal styling appointment offers a service available in-store beyond standard business hours, offering customers a private experience to be styled by a skilled fashion professional.




The coveted streetwear guru.

Travis brings urban flair and contemporary edge to #The7, specializing in crafting dynamic and trend-setting looks. With a keen eye for urban aesthetics and a deep understanding of street fashion culture, Travis can curate outfits that blend comfort, functionality, and style effortlessly. His expertise lies in transforming everyday streetwear pieces into statement ensembles that reflect individuality and urban sophistication. His unique blend of designs and impeccable styling techniques has made him a sought-after collaborator among celebrities, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts alike.


Bianca is a renowned stylist known for her keen eye for fashion and her specialization in bold fashion pieces that exude confidence and make a statement on any occasion. With her impeccable taste and creative vision, Bianca has carved out a niche in the industry, earning her a reputation as a trendsetter and style innovator. Whether it's for a red carpet event, a fashion shoot, or a casual outing, Bianca has the ability to curate looks that captivate attention and leave a lasting impression. With Bianca's expertise, clients can trust that they will stand out from the crowd and showcase their individuality with flair and confidence.

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