An idea was born during a late-night study session in the heart of Louisiana State University's business complex. On April 1, 2017, that idea materialized into reality as 7XCHANGE, a revolutionary premium lifestyle boutique in McDonough, Georgia.

With its grand opening, the metropolitan Atlanta Southside was introduced to something entirely novel and long overdue.

At 7XCHANGE, we focus on offering the finest high-end apparel, limited-edition footwear, and exquisite accessories.We pride ourselves on being the exclusive home to some of the most sought-after brands and releases revered by the culture.

More than just a retailer, 7XCHANGE's mission extends beyond the present, aiming to pay homage to the storied history ingrained in streetwear culture while daring to venture into uncharted territory, forging our own trends and leaving an indelible mark on the fashion landscape.


In 2016, Travis Mamon, our visionary owner, returned to Atlanta with a dream in his heart after completing his International Trade & Finance degree at LSU.

As the summer sun warmed the air, his parents couldn't help but inquire about his plans now that he had graduated. Little did they expect the surprising response he was about to share. Rather than pursuing a conventional career as a financial analyst at Coca Cola, Travis revealed his ambitious dream of opening a unique clothing and sneaker boutique in the city. His mom's initial reaction was skeptical, cautioning him about his lack of experience in running a store. As for his dad's response, well, let's leave that to the imagination.

Yet, Travis was undeterred. With time, his unwavering dedication and persuasive arguments finally convinced them to lend their support, leading to the successful lease of a prime retail space for the envisioned store. And so, with boundless passion and familial encouragement, the journey of his dream began to unfold.

With a modest amount of savings, the pieces of Travis's dream began falling into place. Determined to turn his vision into reality, he took a significant step by securing a lease for his first brick-and-mortar location, set to open on April 1, 2017.

Despite lacking business experience, industry connections, and feeling uncertain about how to secure brand accounts, Travis fearlessly launched 7XCHANGE into the world. Countless late nights were spent researching, praying, and drawing inspiration from the success stories of other boutique owners.

Travis's ambition was to establish a haven where fashion, music, art, and streetwear could seamlessly coexist. However, the journey was not without its challenges. Rejection letters piled up, insisting that McDonough lacked a market for streetwear. But Travis persevered, and as time marched on, his dedication bore fruit.

Fast forward to today, and 7XCHANGE stands as a testament to his unwavering passion for streetwear culture and art. It has evolved into a thriving lifestyle boutique, boasting an impressive collection of top-tier brands in the industry.

The boutique's resounding success is a testament to its owner's unyielding vision—to not only honor the rich history embedded in the lifestyle and streetwear culture but to introduce that very culture to an untapped market in his hometown, McDonough, Georgia.

Through determination and a profound love for his craft, Travis transformed his passion into a triumph, bringing the world of streetwear to the heart of McDonough.



January 2022 marked a significant milestone for us as we proudly unveiled our new flagship store at the esteemed South Point Shopping Center in McDonough, Georgia.

This premier location solidifies our commitment to offering an unparalleled shopping experience to our valued customers.


Here at 7XCHANGE, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. "Elevating Streetwear, Exceeding Expectations: Where Customer Satisfaction Reigns Supreme". Do you have any questions regarding your order or want to let us know about your shopping experience?