THE7FDN Scholars Program

The 7 Foundation (THE7FDN) is dedicated to offering innovative youth development initiatives aimed at fostering skills and fostering a contemporary learning environment for our students. Through THE7FDN, participants engage in College & Career Skills Workshops, with one senior student each year having the opportunity to earn a $1000 scholarship for their chosen school. Complementing these workshops are mentorship and internship programs, led by trained facilitators, aimed at providing a holistic educational experience beyond the classroom. We firmly believe that education encompasses both formal learning and real-life experiences. Our mentorship program directly links students with 7XCHANGE's internal staff, offering valuable insights into various career paths, from design to operations. Our goal is to broaden students' horizons by guiding them and nurturing their interests. Additionally, THE7FDN scholars gain hands-on experience in the fashion industry by working in 7XCHANGE's retail stores, headquarters, or alongside their mentors. Each internship is carefully crafted to help students explore their passions and develop practical skills.

THE7FDN holds the belief that education extends beyond the confines of a classroom, encompassing life experiences as well. Our mission is to empower youth during pivotal junctures as they strive for a brighter tomorrow. Acknowledging the pivotal role of education, we are dedicated to assisting students in acquiring practical work experience and skills that will not only enhance their individual lives but also benefit their communities.

We extend invitations to groups of students to visit 7XCHANGE stores, where they have the opportunity to meet employees from various departments aligned with their interests. The objective is to provide students with an insider's perspective on business operations to positively influence their career decisions. In addition to touring the stores, students engage directly with participating employees, who share their experiences within the company and their career journeys. From exploring 7XCHANGE's design department to operations, a diverse array of topics is deliberately covered, exposing students to the idea that success can be achieved through multiple pathways and that the fashion industry offers endless career possibilities.

Education, Community + Social Impact

This form is for students applying for THE7 Scholars Program internship opportunity. Applicants are required to explain their motivation for seeking the internship and specify the field of interest they wish to explore. Provide a detailed explanation of why you are interested in this internship and articulate your reasons for choosing a particular field of interest.

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