7XCHANGE Rewards Program

Introducing 7XCHANGE Rewards, our point-based program designed to offer members exclusive access to early products, experiences, and services. By earning points through purchases, achievements, and events, rewards members will advance through tiers unlocking various benefits along the way.

Joining the 7XCHANGE Rewards Program

When you create an account, you're automatically signed up for the 7XCHANGE Rewards Program. Points will start accumulating with every purchase you make at 7XCHANGE stores and through the 7XCHANGE App.

Who can join the 7XCHANGE Rewards Program? 

The 7XCHANGE Rewards Program is open to all customers. Just simply create an account to get started.

Is it free to join the 7XCHANGE Rewards Program?

Certainly! Absolutely! Signing up for the 7XCHANGE Rewards Program is completely free, with no enrollment fees or credit card application necessary.

How do I join the 7XCHANGE Rewards Program?

Upon creating an account, you are automatically enrolled in the 7XCHANGE Rewards Program. Points will begin to accrue with each purchase made at 7XCHANGE stores and through the 7XCHANGE App.

The Point System

The point system of the 7XCHANGE Rewards program rewards points according to your lifetime purchase history, as well as through Achievements and Events. The accumulated point balance determines the tier placement of each Member, which subsequently determines the tier benefits and rewards.

When do I begin earning points?

Points are determined by your entire purchase history linked to the email account used on 7XCHANGE.com and/or the 7XCHANGE App. As points are retroactively calculated, your account page will display a total corresponding to your purchase history.

How do I view my point total?

You can locate your total points in the Rewards section of the 7XCHANGE App or on the accounts page of 7XCHANGE.com.

How do I accumulate points?

Reword this for me. Purchase points can be earned online, on the 7XCHANGE App, and at 7XCHAGE stores. Points may also be earned by attending Events or unlocking Achievements.

When do points get added?

Certain points, such as those earned through 7XCHANGE Events and Achievements, may be instantly added to your total. However, points earned from purchases are initially placed in a pending status from the purchase date. After a few hours, they will be added to your overall points total.

Are points redeemable?

7XCHANGE Rewards Points can be utilized for discounts and also serve to unlock special rewards, benefits, exclusive access, and additional perks.

What are purchase points?

Purchase points are points acquired through buying items on 7XCHANGE.com or at 7XCHANGE retail outlets. These points are calculated according to the local currency of the purchase location and differ based on whether a non-7XCHANGE apparel item or a 7XCHANGE item is bought. Please refer to the breakdown of purchase points below:

2 Points: For every $1 spent on a 7XCHANGE purchase, including apparel, collaborations, accessories, and footwear. 

1 Point: For every $1 spent on a non-7XCHANGE purchase.

Please note that purchase points are not added from sales tax, discounted prices, or shipping costs. 

I purchased something on sale, will I receive points from this purchase?

Certainly! While customers will earn points on purchases of sale items, the points awarded will be based on the discounted sale price, not the original price.

I made a retail purchase, but didn't provide my email address or scan my 7XCHANGE ID. How do I get credit for those points?

Points can only be obtained at retail if you provide your identifying information at the time of purchase. Retroactively adding a customer to a retail order is not possible. Please contact customer service, and we will make every effort to assist you in adding your points.

What happens to my points when I return a product/products?

Refunds will lead to a deduction of points equivalent to the purchase amount. This deduction does not include taxes and shipping charges.

Can I earn purchase points on orders placed with third party payment methods like PayPal, Apple Pay, or Shop Pay?

Indeed, points are accumulated through purchases made in-store or on the 7XCHANGE App, regardless of the chosen payment method.

Do my Rewards points expire?

No, Rewards points do not expire. 

Why didn’t I earn points on my purchase?

If you opt for guest checkout on 7XCHANGE.com or the 7XCHANGE App, your purchase won't accrue points. Additionally, points may not immediately appear due to a pending period lasting a few hours after the purchase date.

Are points transferable?

You cannot transfer points from one 7XCHANGE Rewards Program account to another. 

What should I do if there is an issue with my point balance?

Feel free to contact support@7xchange.com for any inquiries or issues regarding your point balance.

The Tier System

The 7XCHANGE Rewards Program features three tiers based on points, granting access to experiences, early access, exclusive products, and additional benefits.

  • Tier I: Platinum (0 - 1,999 Points)
  • Tier II: Black (2,000 - 9,999 Points)
  • Tier III: Icon® (10,000+ Points)
How are tiers determined?

7XCHANGE Rewards Members are categorized into tiers according to the total accumulation of points over their lifetime.

What are the tier names based on?

The names of the tiers reflect stages of life progression. As individuals journey through life experiences, they transition from being a Protege, to a Connoisseur, and finally to becoming an Icon.

Where do I see my tier status?

Tier status, in conjunction with the total points accumulated, can be accessed under the ID tab within the 7XCHANGE App or through the rewards widget on 7XCHANGE.com.

What tier benefits can I expect?

Please see below for the complete list of tiers and tier benefits:

If I move up a tier level, what happens to the benefits I’ve previously earned?

7XCHANGE Rewards Members will enjoy complete access to all unlocked benefits within their 7XCHANGE Rewards history.

How will I know if I’ve unlocked a new tier status?

Upon reaching your new tier status, your membership will be updated accordingly. Once your 7XCHANGE Rewards account reflects the change, you'll gain access to the benefits of the new tier. Additionally, you'll receive an email and/or push notification notifying you of the tier upgrade.

What should I do if there is an issue with my tier status?

Feel free to contact support@7xchange.com if you have any inquiries or concerns about your tier status.


Crafted to celebrate 7XCHANGE experiences and global events, 7XCHANGE Rewards Members have the opportunity to accumulate points by participating in special events, installations, and other activities through the Events feature.

How do I check into an Event?

Once you are within 100 yards of an Event location, the check-in option will become available in the Rewards section of your 7XCHANGE App profile.

How many points do Events earn?

Events vary in point value. The specific value for each occasion is disclosed on the 7XCHANGE App or website once unlocked.

Where do I keep track of the Moments I’ve accumulated?

All accessible Events are located within the All Events section of your 7XCHANGE Rewards Program profile.

Can I unlock the same Moment multiple times?

Opportunities like visiting a 7XCHANGE store can only be unlocked once. This refreshes annually, offering the chance to unlock it again in the new year. Points earned at an Event will not be deducted once it is locked again.

What should I do if I’m having trouble with the Moments I’ve unlocked?

For any inquiries or concerns about your Events, please reach out to support@7xhange.com.




With Achievements, members of the 7XCHANGE Rewards program can accumulate points by completing action items and demonstrating certain behaviors.

What are Achievements?

Achievements enable 7XCHANGE Rewards Members to earn extra points by engaging in non-purchase activities. Here are some examples of Achievements:

  • Signup for the 7XCHANGE Rewards Program
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Follow us on X
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Write a Google review
How many points do Achievements earn?

Point values for Achievements differ based on the action and can be located within the All Achievements section of your 7XCHANGE Rewards profile.


How does 7XCHANGE Rewards work in-store at 7XCHANGE retail locations?

7XCHANGE Rewards Program members can redeem points for in-store activity by either presenting their email associated with 7XCHANGE Rewards during checkout or scanning the QR code on their in-app Membership Card.

Can I earn points in-store?

Points can be acquired at 7XCHANGE store locations by fulfilling action Achievements, in addition to earning purchase points.


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