Crafted in Los Angeles with cutting-edge design, their sunglasses boast acetate frames and premium features like Teflon-coated screws, borrowing techniques from the realm of fine jewelry. Each silhouette draws inspiration from vintage aesthetics, channeling the bold shapes, tints, and frame hues of the 1990s and 2000s to deliver a distinctive and stylish appearance.

James Oro sunglasses come in classic neutrals like brown, as well as unique designs like the Serpent Authentic, boasting luxurious accents and a rimless build. Another option is the Authentic II model, characterized by its premium quality, substantial weight, and handcrafted construction with an 18K gold coating.

An essential addition to your daily attire, our range of James Oro eyewear enhances your ensemble with a vintage-inspired aesthetic and a luxurious, fine jewelry finish, transforming the sunglasses into a statement of exceptional quality. Crafted with polarized lenses, these sunglasses offer practical functionality for everyday use while maintaining their exquisite design. Now available at 7XCHANGE.

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