Our entry-level tier is designed for all customers making their first purchase. Upon signing up, members will receive a 10% off coupon, 100 points, and a 10% birthday discount.


Mmebers who earn 1500 points. Upon reaching this status, customers at this level will be given a 15% discount coupon, complimentary shipping, and a 15% off birthday coupon.


Climb to our top-tier membership by accumulating 5000 points. Unlock exclusive perks such as early product releases, customized gifts, VIP event invitations, and unique limited-edition releases.

Referral Program



Referring Member Benefits:

  • Receive a 20% off discount code for you and your friend.
  • 50 points to new member referrals.

Accumulating Referrals:

  • 5 referrals = $50 gift card
  • 10 referrals = $100 gift card.
  • 20 referrals = $250 gift card.
Customer reviews
Customer reviews
7XCHANGE makes it very easy to save on all my favorite brands. THE7 Rewards Club is legit!
— THE7 Rewards Club Member
Customer reviews
One stop shop for the best brands, great deals, and even better steals.
— THE7 Rewards Club Member
Customer reviews
I recently bumped into 7XCHANGE while I was charging my Tesla one day. Great selection of apparel, sneakers, and accessories. The app and rewards program are next level. This is now my go to spot for last minute outfits and exclusive pieces.
— THE7 Rewards Club Member
Customer reviews
We were welcomed by the store staff as soon as we walked in. They were extremely helpful! I was amazed at their willingness to style my son for his event. We will be back!
— THE7 Rewards Club Member


How do I join THE7 Rewards Club?

You can join while creating an 7XCHANGE account, or you can join while making your first purchase “Join” on the THE7 Rewards page.

What are the benefits of joining THE7 Rewards Cub?

Where do we even begin... Members receive $5 Rewards each time they reach 100 points, a 10% welcome discount and 200 points for joining, early access to sales, member-only giveaways, an anniversary discount code, and the chance to win prizes for using #THE7 on social. Once a higher tier is achieved, the benefits only get better!

How do I know that my points are posting to my account?

You can track your past actions, progress towards a Reward, and progress towards the next tier in your account or in the 7XCHANGE app.

Do I need the 7XCHANGE app to be a rewards member?

Downloading the 7XCHANGE app is not required to join THE7 Rewards Club although using the app is the best way to get the most out of your rewards membership. The 7XCHANGE app gives you on-the-go access to your THE7 Rewards Club dashboard. On the app, you can track progress toward future Rewards and to keep track of earned rewards. The 7XCHANGE app contains your THE7 Rewards Club ID, which can be used to track in-store purchases. This information is also accessible under My Account on any device.

Where do I track my rewards and tier progress?

You can easily track your THE7 Rewards progress within the 7XCHANGE app or under My Account. Visit the THE7 Rewards section to check your progress and view earned Rewards. If opted in, periodically you may receive emails and push notifications to alert you when Rewards have been earned or are expiring soon.

How does earnings points and moving up tiers work?

All points will be awarded to anyone in the Member Tier at the value in the chart here. All annual point totals reset at the end of the year. If you have reached your current tier status this year, then you will remain in that tier even after your points are cleared. If your tier status is expiring, you will reset accordingly. You can begin earning Rewards and points towards the next tier or maintaining your current tier on January 1st each year.

When will my rewards points reset?

All points will clear on January 1st each year. Any members who have earned a new tier in the last year will continue to receive their benefits for the remainder of the year. Otherwise, all members will be placed into the correct tier based on the last year's point total.